I am a multidiciplinary artist living and working out of Hobart, Tasmania. My current practice is multifaceted and grounded in themes integral to my sense of self artistically and personally - simultaneously as young woman, early career artist and individual raised and working in contemporary, regional  Australia.

Broadly, I am concerned with iterations of connectedness -  the threads of substance that exist daily amongst communities and between individual relationships with our environment, personal values and one another. I see contemporary art as a platform for examining and facilitating worldly and daily connectedness.

Currently I have been examining feminist theories and histories through performance art and collaborative research in a new body of work titled Beyond the Veil. Simultaneously, I am focused on exploring the intersection of light and landscapes with installation, oil painting, and printmaking in an exhibition of works entitled Beautiful Fruit.  Personal experience of both these subjects is what drives my practice and I am particularly intrigued by the subjective relationship the artist bridges and curates between their subject and final work.

Born in 1993, I grew up in the spotted gum bush of the far south coast of New South Wales. The Australian environment is an immense source of inspiration for me both in my life and creative work. My position as a middle class, educated, white woman in 21st Century Australia is a driving force for me to make work which engages with broader themes of femininity and privilege. I hope to use my practice as platform to question established narratives surrounding environment, culture, gender and the politics of privilege.

This is an endeavour in creative sustainability, to create art and work which personally satisfies. In sharing my work I aim for small resolutions to self prescribed problems, ultimately my work is a celebration of and dedication to this world which we love.

Thank you for being part of this.

Have a look here for upcoming events and exhibtions, or check out @tilleymadethis on instagram for some work in progress.